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Training MaD - Making a Difference

  • Training consultancy, design and delivery service
  • Trainer development and networking service 

What do we do?

Training MaD is a collaborative consortium between Training Maze and Training Beach Consulting that brings together a vast range of talent and experience gained in over 20 years in Learning & Developement.

At Training MaD we have in depth experience of the world of Learning & Developement working with both large and small organisations including, Halifax, Bank of Scotland, RAC, Your Move, Action for Children and Prudential to name just some of them

Training MaD will:

Make time to understand you, your business, your people

Align training with your business aims and objectives

Develop and deliver right product, right price solutions 


Our Training Solutions  - Here at Training MaD we offer our standard suite of training solution shown below. These we believe offer the perfect solution to develop People Managers and your own Personal Skills. These workshops are available as part of the suite or you can take a "pick & mix" approach and choose those that you think suit the needs of your business.

In addition, our experienced training designers can  work with you to develop bespoke workshops. To arrange to chat about your specific requirements just complete the form on our Contact Us page or give us a calL

There are core elements to our suite of training products;

  Personal Effectiveness  (1 day workshops )

  • Colourful Bahaviour- Understanding self and others
  • Values - Personal drivers
  • Assertiveness - win win
  • Influencing - positive outcomes
  • Presentation Skill - Win the hearts and minds of your audience
  • Networking - Business networking strategy

  People Management !  (1 day workshops )

  • Colourful Behaviours - Understanding self and others
  • Management Styles -  Adapting and connecting 
  • Performance Management - Recognise and develop
  • Coaching - Support and guide 

 People Management 2  (1 day workshops )

  • Team Dynamics - All about the players
  • Conflict - Handling emotions
  • Delegation - Share to succeed
  • Managing Stakeholders - Internal and external

In addition to these key programmes we also offer workshops on a variety of topics including:  Resilience, Customer Service, Sales, Personal Impact, Interview Skills and Train the Trainer. 

At Training MaD we believe we will always have a solution in our toolkit, so chat to us about your current needs and tells about the future plans for your business.  

Marion and Dougie ...TrainingMaD